Dental Crowns

What do you mean by dental crowns?

Dental crown is a tooth shaped cap placed over the tooth. It covers the tooth and restores its shape, strength, size and improves ones appearance.

Why do we require dental crowns?

Dental crowns are used

  • To safeguard a weak teeth from breaking
  • To hold the parts of cracked /chipped tooth
  • To support and cover the teeth which has lot of fillings and the teeth is hardly left.
  • To cover discolored/ badly shaped teeth
  • To restore a broken tooth/ worn-down tooth
  • Crown covers a dental implant

What type of crowns is available?

Crowns are available in different materials such as:-


Alloys of gold, palladium, nickel are used to fabricate metal crowns .The only drawback of metal crowns is the color .These crowns are best suited for out of sight teeth / molars.


These crowns can match the color of the teeth and look like natural teeth. Sometimes the metal placed under the crown is visible at the gum line, hence these crowns are suitable for back/ front teeth.


These crowns are not so expensive but there are chances of wearing down over time.


All ceramic crowns is the type of crowns in which no metal is there and only ceramic is used. It has got perfect esthetics and its impossible to make out any difference between natural teeth and artificial all-ceramic crowns. Added advantage of these crowns is that they need not be removed if patient has to go for MRI in future. All ceramic crowns are the perfect option for front teeth they have excellent esthetics and highest strength.

How long does the crown last?

Dental crowns have a life of say 5 -15 years .One has to take extra care of the crown .Biting nails, opening packets, chewing hard things etc. are a few habits which have to be corrected Moreover brushing teeth twice a day is a must and floss at least one time in a day.

What problems can one face with crowns?

  • Teeth may be sensitive to hot/cold after the effect of anesthesia is over.
  • There can be irregular bites which results in pain. Such problem occur when the crown is placed too low / high and can be corrected by dentist
  • Sometimes the cement under the crown gets washed away and the crown becomes loose.

Hence proper care should be taken and regular dental checkups are required to maintain a healthy dental structure.

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