What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial prosthesis made by dentist to replace missing teeth. They get support from the surrounding hard/soft tissues of oral cavity.

What are the advantages of dentures?

Dentures help people in many ways such as,

  • Dentures replace teeth in edentulous areas which help one to chew food easily.
  • Dentures make one feel better about his/ her appearance, which in turn increases self esteem and self confidence.
  • Dentures improves facial appearance by giving support to cheeks and lips
  • People are able to speak better as the missing teeth have been replaced and the gap has been filled.

What are the different types of dentures available?

Not have any teeth in a single arch (upper or maxillary / lower or mandibular arch). Based on design and material used,complete dentures can be classified as

  • Conventional complete dentures
  • Complete dentures with metal framework
  • Flexi dentures
  • Immediate dentures.
  • Implant supported dentures

Patients that have some missing teeth in an arch use removable partial dentures. Bridges and crowns are referred to as fixed partial dentures. Bridges are more stable.Crowns is mounted on to the remaining teeth which replaces the missing teeth and fills up the gap.

Is it difficult to eat after putting dentures?

Initially eating requires practice. One should start eating soft food that is cut into small bites. Food should be chewed using both sides to avoid tripping of dentures. The quantity of food can be gradually increased. One should not chew hard/ hot food, biting hard objects should be avoided.

How to take care of the denture?

Dentures should be cleaned regularly as tartar/plaque can get accumulated on false teeth. One should brush the denture after every meal. Bleaching agents should be avoided as they may discolor the denture.

Is denture adhesive a solution to old/loose denture?

Denture adhesive are used for extra retention and support to a well fitted denture. Loose dentures should be replaced or realigned immediately because loose dentures can cause irritation and develop sores. One should consult the dentist immediately. Denture adhesive should never be used for loose teeth.

What is the life of dentures?

Dentures can last for 5 to 10 years. Gums and teeth continue to change shape (when there are no teeth) for the whole life. Dentures are constructed and are artificial and so their shape does not change with the mouth, as a result they need to be adjusted or replaced after a few years. Continuous visits to the dentist are recommended so that there is no major problem which cannot be identified by the patient.

When to change the dentures?

  • Broken Dentures.
  • Very old Dentures.
  • Stained/ discolored teeth of Dentures.
  • The jaw bones and gum shrink or recede.

In that situation the denture gets loose. So that's the time to get it remade/ refitted.

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